Top Trends for Work Attire in 2018 – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the top trends for work attire in 2018! These trends are completely wearable and are at the forefront of what you should be wearing this year. Everything I have linked is less than $250!

Bold FloralsBold Florals

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Who doesn’t love florals!? Well, I am sure there are some out there, but personally I love them all! I have been wearing the black floral top from this collage on repeat. If they are  potentially a little to much for you try this trend by adding a floral accent through your shoes or your bag.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirts

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The perfect piece for work is back in full swing this year. This trend is easy to wear, just remember that the secret to a pencil skirt is the fit, so a tailor may be your new found friend. To wear this trend past work wear, try pairing one like the first in my collage with flats or sneakers to get it weekend ready.



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Such beautiful colours make me long for spring! Millennial pink is moving slightly to the side, making room for mint green, baby blue, pastel purple etc. Anything goes with this trend, pop on a simple pastel blazer over an all black outfit, or wear pastels head to tie, cause why not!?

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know in the comments which trend you will be rocking the most in 2018!

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