Networking 101

Bloggers Sip-n-TeaThere are so many of us out there that get put off, worried or stressed out when when we hear the word “networking”. So today I am going to be sharing my top tips to make this a little less scary, but also more effective.

Last week I was invited to attend the cutest event hosted by two bloggers here in Edmonton called “Bloggers Sip-n-Tea. It is events like these where you can put all of these tips to work.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

1. Be Yourself.

Events like these are the starting point for many new relationships. Be genuine, be authentic, be you. The people that you connect with while being yourself will be the ones you will want to stay in touch. These are the relationships to focus on growing.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

2. Be Prepared and Positive.

Before you get there, do your research. Check out people you know will be attending through their social media, including LinkedIn. This will help you have poignant questions that will keep your conversations informative and relevant. This also shows the other person that you have taken the time to learn about them, helping to foster your relationship.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

3. Others Want to Help.

People are generally very kind and helpful. The majority are also flattered and welcoming when you ask them question. Give them the opportunity to provide you with advice and sincerely listen. You will learn so much.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

4. Just Jump In.

This is probably one of the hardest things to master, but it will help you in the end. There is absolutely nothing wrong with joining in with a conversation that is already happening. Wait for a natural break and introduce yourself. Don’t forget this is a chance for both you and others to meet new people.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

5. Building Relationships Builds Confidence.

Catching up with people and meeting new ones can really inspire you. Personally, this is my favourite part of networking and attending events. No matter how awkward I feel at the beginning of an event, every time I am leaving, I am revived. Ready to take on new challenges and so excited to keep moving forward.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

6. Keep Going.

Once you have met and connected with new people, you must continue to put effort in. Keep in touch with who you met through an appropriate means, whether that is in my case Instagram or for more professional networking LinkedIn or email. You never know when this relationship will open you up to new opportunities, or when you will be able to help out the other person.

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Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

Thank you first of all to the amazing hosts of this event, Orlandice (@bunny_and_moon) and Faiza (@stylegarnish_).

Further, thank you to all of the amazing ladies I was lucky enough to meet!

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

Thank you to all of the event sponsors for helping us to have such an amazing time.

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