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Hey everyone! I have been a bit MIA as work was a little crazy and my husband had just returned from a trip. But, I am back this week and wanted to share some of what I have been reading lately on the internet. I subscribe to over 30 blogs (using Bloglovin’) that I read on a regular basis. Plus, I tend to find out new blogs and articles just by scrolling through Instagram. What can I say? I just really like to know what is going on, finding new sources of inspiration and just in general I really enjoy reading.

Check out all the amazing posts below!

  1. An Open Letter To The Woman Wearing The $10,000 Purse on Instagram. I really connected with this post by Jeanette from J’s Everyday Fashion. Social media creates a place that can create resentment, allows for judgement, and doesn’t show real life. Her thoughts are so insightful on how to remember to just pull yourself back and not jump straight to judging others.
  2. Perspective Change. From the Penny Pincher Fashion blog, this post talks about those “a-ha moments” where something you should have known all along suddenly strikes you. She goes on to talk about changing your perspective and making sure to give yourself the grace that you are good enough.
  3. How To Get Your Mojo Back. I love Lydia, her YouTube Channel is one I watch consistently. However, on her blog she likes to hit just a bit deeper. Here she discusses how to love blogging again if you have been having a rough go of it lately.
  4. 5 Ways To Stay Motivated After January. Jacey is super honest, and I love her for it. She has been open about her struggle with ADD which I find amazing. I loved her tips for sticking to your 2018 goals. Simple, to the point and easy to follow.
  5. This Is For The Multifaceted Females. Victoria is one of my favourite people to follow. The pictures in this post are out of this world, but the message in this is just everything! The key line – “We don’t fit into one box anymore, and we certainly won’t let anyone put us back in there.”
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Weekend Wear and A Special Event

Carmel Coat Carmel Coat Carmel Coat Carmel Coat Carmel Coat Carmel Coat

Sweater (old) – similar here | Coat (not online) – similar here | Jeans here | Boots (old) – similar here | Bag (not online) – similar here

This weekend I attended a very special event. But to start off – just my normal winter weekend wear. This is one of my favourite looks that is comfy, cozy and still sophisticated.

Saturday night I attended the 30th Anniversary Dinner of an organization near and dear to both mine and my best friends heart. I was introduced to Sombrilla by her and even spent a time on the board as Treasurer. However, other obligations meant that I could not keep participating in such a committed way. Hopefully, I can make up for this a little by sharing with you about this amazing organization.

For 30 years, Sombrilla has been partnering with communities in Latin America to empower them to assert their democratic, economic, cultural, and social rights. They strive to improve quality of life by addressing needs such as food security, clean water, health care and education.

Sombrilla has worked with several Latin American communities on some very special projects. The Yurac Yacu project in Peru, focused on building a community centre which now houses a local preschool, classrooms for adult vocational classes and local ecotourism businesses. In Tierra Colorada (Guatemala), Sombrilla worked to build a second story for the local elementary school. This project now includes teaching students how to make and maintain biosand water filters for a clean and safe source of drinking water.

Please check out this organization and consider making a donation so they can keep doing amazing things around the world.

Top Trends – Part 1 | Top Trends – Part 2 | Let’s Talk – Mental Health
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Let’s Talk

If you are in crisis, please go to your local hospital or call 911 immediately.

One in five Canadians will experience a form of mental illness at some point in their lives.

Bell Let’s Talk Day is January 31, 2018 aka Today.

So let’s get this conversation started. My type of blogging may be focused on fashion and lifestyle, but sometimes we just have to go deeper. Let’s make it okay for every day to be a day that its okay to talk about mental health.

First off all, I am no expert regarding mental health, but suffering from anxiety myself has allowed me understand how important this is. I just want to open this up for conversation while providing you with helpful information.

In our online community, we have already been talking about mental health and why it is so important (ex. unfollowing people on Instagram that make you feel bad about yourself).  However, by learning more about mental health, we can take steps to help ourselves and others improve mental health and reduce the risk and stigma of mental illness.

What Is Mental Health?

Mental health is not only the avoidance of serious mental illness. Your mental health is affected by numerous factors from your daily life, including the stress of balancing work with your health and relationships.

Good mental health is the willingness to think about and deal with everyday challenges. These could involve:

  • Making choices and decisions
  • Adapting to and coping with difficult situations
  • Talking about one’s needs and desires
  • Maintaining meaningful relationships
  • Remember that everyone has good and bad days, with or without a mental illness

Just as our lives and circumstances continually change, so do our moods and thoughts, and our sense of well-being. We all feel sad, worried, scared or suspicious sometimes. But these kinds of feelings may become a problem if they get in the way of our daily lives over a long period. When there are changes in a person’s thinking, mood or behaviour, and these
changes cause a lot of distress and make it difficult to do daily tasks, that person may have a mental illness.

Ending The Stigma

Negative attitudes (prejudice) + negative responses (discrimination) = STIGMA

Stigma is thinking less of a person because of his or her condition.

Stigma can make people feel unwanted and ashamed for something that is not their choice or fault. This is often harder to deal with than the illness itself, and is one of the main reasons someone may not seek out help.

What Can You Do?

  1. Treat everyone with respect. Treating people with respect is about treating people in a way that they consider respectful.
  2. Be warm, caring and non-judgmental. If you approach every interaction you have with warmth and caring, you will help to create an environment where distress is less likely. If something does come up, people around you will feel supported and more likely to share their difficulties.
  3. Challenge stigma when you see it. Help to challenge popular myths surrounding mental illness by become mindful of erroneous thoughts and opinions that perpetuate the myths around mental illness – and then correct them.
  4. Watch your language. It’s important to remember to put the person first. Avoid using language that stigmatizes mental health or illness further.
  5. Learn the facts about mental health and mental illness. Do your research. Educate yourself and those around you.
  6. Help raise awareness about mental health. Take action – spread the word, raise awareness, make a difference.

If You Need Help Now!

  • Visit your local emergency department or call 911.
  • Call the Kids Help Phone at 1 800 668-6868.
  • Call a distress line or crisis centre in your area.
  • For a list of crisis centres across Canada, visit

Other Resources

Information in this blog is not to be used for diagnosis, treatment or referral services. Individuals should contact their personal physician and/or their local addiction or mental health agency for further information.

Top Trends for Work Attire in 2018 – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the top trends for work attire in 2018! These trends are completely wearable and are at the forefront of what you should be wearing this year. Everything I have linked is less than $250!

Bold FloralsBold Florals

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Who doesn’t love florals!? Well, I am sure there are some out there, but personally I love them all! I have been wearing the black floral top from this collage on repeat. If they are  potentially a little to much for you try this trend by adding a floral accent through your shoes or your bag.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirts

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

The perfect piece for work is back in full swing this year. This trend is easy to wear, just remember that the secret to a pencil skirt is the fit, so a tailor may be your new found friend. To wear this trend past work wear, try pairing one like the first in my collage with flats or sneakers to get it weekend ready.



1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Such beautiful colours make me long for spring! Millennial pink is moving slightly to the side, making room for mint green, baby blue, pastel purple etc. Anything goes with this trend, pop on a simple pastel blazer over an all black outfit, or wear pastels head to tie, cause why not!?

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know in the comments which trend you will be rocking the most in 2018!

Perfect Casual Friday Outfit | Networking 101 | Top Trends – Part 1



Networking 101

Bloggers Sip-n-TeaThere are so many of us out there that get put off, worried or stressed out when when we hear the word “networking”. So today I am going to be sharing my top tips to make this a little less scary, but also more effective.

Last week I was invited to attend the cutest event hosted by two bloggers here in Edmonton called “Bloggers Sip-n-Tea. It is events like these where you can put all of these tips to work.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

1. Be Yourself.

Events like these are the starting point for many new relationships. Be genuine, be authentic, be you. The people that you connect with while being yourself will be the ones you will want to stay in touch. These are the relationships to focus on growing.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

2. Be Prepared and Positive.

Before you get there, do your research. Check out people you know will be attending through their social media, including LinkedIn. This will help you have poignant questions that will keep your conversations informative and relevant. This also shows the other person that you have taken the time to learn about them, helping to foster your relationship.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

3. Others Want to Help.

People are generally very kind and helpful. The majority are also flattered and welcoming when you ask them question. Give them the opportunity to provide you with advice and sincerely listen. You will learn so much.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

4. Just Jump In.

This is probably one of the hardest things to master, but it will help you in the end. There is absolutely nothing wrong with joining in with a conversation that is already happening. Wait for a natural break and introduce yourself. Don’t forget this is a chance for both you and others to meet new people.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

5. Building Relationships Builds Confidence.

Catching up with people and meeting new ones can really inspire you. Personally, this is my favourite part of networking and attending events. No matter how awkward I feel at the beginning of an event, every time I am leaving, I am revived. Ready to take on new challenges and so excited to keep moving forward.

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

6. Keep Going.

Once you have met and connected with new people, you must continue to put effort in. Keep in touch with who you met through an appropriate means, whether that is in my case Instagram or for more professional networking LinkedIn or email. You never know when this relationship will open you up to new opportunities, or when you will be able to help out the other person.

My Outfit: Top here | Jeans here | Bag (old) – similar here | Boots here | Earrings (not online) – similar here

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

Thank you first of all to the amazing hosts of this event, Orlandice (@bunny_and_moon) and Faiza (@stylegarnish_).

Further, thank you to all of the amazing ladies I was lucky enough to meet!

Bloggers Sip-n-Tea

Thank you to all of the event sponsors for helping us to have such an amazing time.

@lipstickempire | @fabloomosity | @milkandcookiesbakeshop | @prairiecouturemobile | @blushpartyproducts

@thought_process | @allurebychelsea | @jewelry_by_mehnaaz | @zaraimage | @zakhiyya.b

@buono.pizzeria | @staycreativebox | @sparker360


Top Trends For Work Attire For 2018 – Part 1

I have done my research for you all and pulled together the top trends for work wear in 2018! These trends are completely wearable and are at the forefront of what you should be wearing this year. This is only Part 1 as it has taken me quite a bit of work to pull this post together, so without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff!

PlaidTop Trends For Work 2018 - Plaid

1 (less than $40)| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Sooooo I think that Plaid might be my favourite of all the trends, but I also think it is the easiest one to wear for work attire! Another great thing about it, is that I bet you have some sort of plaid piece sitting it your closet just waiting for you to pull it out and wear it again. Don’t forget to carry this trend on into spring or summer by wearing your favourite gingham piece!

Bold Jewel Tones

Top Trends For Work Attire 2018 - Bold Jewel Tones

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

2018 has us moving away from the “Millennial Pink” and embracing Pantone’s colour of the year “Ultra Violet”. It is all about those vibrant, saturated jewel tones. As we move towards spring, start embracing those beautiful ruby reds, fuchsia pink and even a beautiful bright yellow or orange. Everyone out there can find a bright colour that will work for their skin tone. To mix trends, I would wear the red jumpsuit with a great plaid blazer over top for the perfect work look.


 Trench Coats

Top Trends for Work Attire 2018 - Trench Coats

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Another item that is making a come back this year is the trench coat. A classic wardrobe staple for any working woman. You can stick the the traditional camel trench or branch out into a bolder colour! Try a red trench, to mix in with the jewel tone trend. Consider this a timeless piece that you can wear over and over again. I would highly recommend picking up your favourite!

Part 2 will be coming at you next Monday! Thanks for stopping by. Let me know in the comments which trend you will be rocking the most in 2018!

Technology Favourites | Top Tips for a Clean Desk | Perfect Casual Friday Outfit



The Perfect Casual Friday Look

Sweater (sold out) – similar here (on sale!)| Top (sold out) – similar here (less than $12!)| Jeans here | Bag here
| Booties (old) – similar here (suede) or here (leather) – both from the same brand as mine |

Casual Friday is my favourite day of the week. You’ve heard it before from me. I LOVE jeans soooo much. This is an outfit you can wear on a casual Friday to work or even for running errands on the weekend.

These pictures are actually a little bit old but I figured I still really like the outfit and want to share it. A couple of things are now sold out or a little bit older. I have linked almost identical items for you to try out instead.

I feel like this week was the first actual week back at work. I didn’t take anytime off during Christmas, so it kind of felt like limbo. Most people were out of the office until Monday so I am just back into the full swing of things. Does anyone else find it so hard to get back into your regular work routine after the holidays?

Technology Favourites | My Career Conversation with Rachelle | Top Tips for a Clean Desk
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Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Off Your Desk

Clean Off Your Desk Day

Top Here (on sale!!) | Jeans Here

Today is Clean Off Your Desk Day! It is time to clean off your desk and get productive for 2018! This day is an opportunity to begin your new year with a clean and organized workspace, and maybe buy some cute desk accessories that are great to look at and will help your space stay clean. Check out my top items below!

Clean Off Your Desk Day

Why does a clean desk even matter?

First you may be wondering why even spend the time and bother cleaning up this space? Whether your desk is in a private, a cubicle, or in your home, an uncluttered, organized, and clean will help you work more efficiently and give you a sense of peace when you sit down to work. Also, consider these reasons:

  • Distraction –  A cluttered desk is filled with potential distractions. From file folders, random papers, and sticky notes, there one million distractions available to take your mind off what you want to focus on.
  • Reputation – Having a clean desk is a reflection of your habits. It will show you as efficient, organized, and prepared to take on newer or bigger projects.
  • Space – A clean space allows you to have the room to work! Even with all the technology we use everyday, there are still physical items you will need to use. The ability to spread them out and reference them easily is so useful.

Clean Off Your Desk Day

Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Off Your Desk

1. Clean off your desk top space. Whatever sits on top of your desk needs to be there for a reason. Think about only keeping items you use on a daily basis here.

2. Keep things in reach. This means in drawers or on your desk in specific containers. There is nothing worse than not being able to find a pen or pencil when you are on the phone with someone trying to take down information.

Clean Off Your Desk Day

3. Use your drawers and cupboards. Store all of your non-daily supplies and current projects in drawers or cupboards. This allows easy access but keeps your desktop clutter free.

4. Create your system. Take this time to organize but also to develop a system that works for you. Label all your files and store them upright for easy access and better use of space. I also recommend always having blank folders on hand so you can keep your system going.

Clean Off Your Desk Day

5. Schedule a regular clean out. Clean out your drawers and cupboards at least once a year. Get rid of those old files you don’t need, but make sure you shred anything that contains information you wouldn’t want getting into the wrong hands. Through out other things you have been accumulating and never use (like those pens from hotels and your dentist).

Clean Off Your Desk Day

Those are my top 5 tips to cleaning up and organizing your desk space. I hope you all get a inspired by #cleanyourdeskday and do a little organizing this week. It will make you feel even better to start the year fresh and get productive!

Technology Favourites | My Career Conversation with Rachelle
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Technology Day 2018

Happy Technology Day!

National Technology Day!

Technology has changed the world. January 6 is the day to recognize those achievements and to look to the future of technology. The world I have lived in for the past 28 years has changed exponentially. We now carry around small computers in our hands every day. We can connect with the world every second of every day.

I wanted to acknowledge this day because without technology, I wouldn’t be able to connect with all of you around the world. As you can see by this photo, my phone is a part of my every day life, it even gets checked during photo shoots! With that thought in mind I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces of technology and their accessories that allow me to connect with you all!

1. Samsung Galaxy S8

What can I say – I am an Android girl through and through. I has a big screen, great camera, and it is sooooo easy to use.

2. Phone Case

This is my favourite phone case. It has marble, black and pink – so basically an Instagram dream. Plus it is super affordable and provides pretty good protection for my phone.

3. PopSocket

If you haven’t heard of a PopSocket you are missing out. All phone seem to be so big these days and my fingers tend to start aching if I use my phone for a long time, like you know, scrolling through Instagram for 4 hours… This allows your hand to relax while still holding your phone securely. It also acts as a stand when you want to watch videos!

4. Bluetooth Remote

Well, as shown by my Instagram I take a lot of my photos by myself. So the discovery of this remote has helped me so much! You just connect the remote to your phone, open your camera app and bam! You can take photos without having to hold your phone. Btw – works on both Apple and Androids 🙂

5. Flexible Tripod

Like the remote above, this Tripod makes my life so much easier. I can easily slip my phone into the holder, stand up the tripod or wrap it around a railing, and snap my pictures! The set I have link includes the same bluetooth remote I have above if you would prefer to buy everything together.

6. Tablet Stand

This is the stand I use to hold my tablet on my desk while I charge it and when I want to watch videos on it while working (hello YouTube makeup tutorials I am obsessed). It keeps it out of the way while still being easily accessible. Personally, I have not stuck mine to my furniture, and that has not caused a stability problem at all!

7. Multiple USB Ports Data Hub

Well, I don’t know if anyone is like me but I have run out of USB ports on my laptop. One for my printer, mouse and keyboard means I have one left for everything else. So I use this to allow me 4 extra USB ports to work with, and it is a literally life saver for me.

8. Power Bank

I don’t think I need to tell anyone out there how annoying it is when your phone dies in the middle of the day. I am a heavy cell phone user (obviously) and once charged, this power bank charges my phone fully 3 whole times. It comes on every trip with me for the plane ride and I even use to charge my tablet when necessary.

9. External Hard Drive

I have two of these babies. In addition to Dropbox, I keep all my blog photos on one of these, and my second one is used for personal files. It is so important to backup your files to multiple places. You never know what you will need and what happens if your laptop dies?!

10. Tablet Case with Keyboard

Protect your tablet while basically turning it into a mini computer! Heck yes! I use this versus carrying my laptop on most trips as it allows me to easily type and work while being much lighter than carrying my computer around. Easily connects to your tablet through bluetooth and away you go.

11. Samsung Tablet E 9.6

I love my Samsung Tablet. I use it at least 3 times a day. I watch YouTube or Netflix while I get ready in the morning, I watch it while I take a bath, and every time I can’t find my phone! My tablet also sync’s perfectly with my phone so it makes my life super easy.

Alright! I hope you enjoyed my little round up of my favourite pieces of technology and the accessories I use along with them. What are your favourite pieces of technology?

Check out my 2018 goals| My Career Conversation with Rachelle
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Courtney’s Career Conversations – Meet Rachelle

Introducing Rachelle!

Well everyone, this is an extreme honour for me today to introduce you to Rachelle! For those of you who don’t know… this is my big sister, my best friend, and my hairstylist! Having been around her my whole life I know how hard she has worked to excel at her career. The going has not always been easy, but it has been extremely fulfilling for her. I was so happy when she agreed to write this post, as I think this isn’t a career path that many people think about pursuing, but it is also one that many people have misconceptions about. So without further ado, here is Rachelle’s career story, in her own words.

The Passion Begins

When I get asked what I do for a living I tell people I’m a hairstylist.  Usually that results in a hundred questions about their hair, or any good/bad experiences they have had with their hair and hairstylists.  It’s funny to me that people think hairstylist just cut hair all day for a living.  Yes that’s part of what we do and what the public sees. But let me tell you what we really do!

First, let me tell you a bit of my story and how I became the hairstylist I am today.  I got my first taste of the whole makeup, facials, crazy fun hair-do’s as a young girl.  No, I was not cutting my Barbie’s hair, I wouldn’t dare cut Barbie’s beautiful long hair!  My Aunt and Uncle came for a visit from Vancouver when I was in grade 6 or 7 and my aunt had brought all this fun facial and makeup stuff to use on my mom, sister and I for a fun girls night.  I was a bit reluctant at first, I don’t like doing things to make myself stand out but my mom told me I had to.  She did my sister and my makeup and hair. Then she took some pictures and I thought… OK this is actually kind of fun!

Soon after that my parents bought me the movie The Beautician and The Beast with Fran Drescher.  I fell in love.  Not with the movie it’s a bit cheesy but that’s when I knew, I want to be a beautician when I grow up.  I was pretty set and determined that was what I was going to be.  In Grade 8 we had Take Your Kid to Work Day.  It’s to help children start to think about what they may want to do when they grow up.

My parents both work office jobs and that did not interest me at all.  I’d rather go to school for the day than sit in an office learning about a job I had zero interest in.  I told this to my mom and asked her if I could go to my hair salon instead and shadow my hairstylist for a day.  We called them up and they graciously allowed me to spend the day there.  I had so much fun watching her interact with her clients, and seeing what she got to do every day.  After that day I was not going to do any other job.  That was it.  My parents were a bit skeptical but only because they cared.

Learning The Way

First, I’m the shyest person around. How am I going to talk to clients if I can’t even ask someone at a changing room in a store if I could try a shirt on?  Second, it can be extremely low paying.  Yes, you may think you pay so much for your hair, but we don’t take all that home on our paycheck.  Sometimes it’s just half, 50% commission.  Then deduct all the taxes for the government. Sometimes we get deducted product costs like the shampoo we use to wash out your hair colour or the gel, or hairspray we are using on your hair (yup all that can come off our half!). Sometimes you split your tips.  There’s no such thing as paid time away from work, if you want or need a day off its without pay.  Some of these are dependent on where you work and who owns the salon as well.

My mom and dad knew this by talking to my hairstylist, so they always wanted me to look at other options just in case.  I took Cosmetology in high school as my parents wanted to make sure that this was what I wanted to do as a career before they forked out all the money for school.  It’s not cheap, and I always appreciated that my parents would pay for any education I wanted to take.  My parents as skeptical as they were, were still my biggest supporters, and still are.  My dad was my very first haircut not on a mannequin. If that’s not love for your kid I don’t know what else is!

New and Different Experiences

There’s a few different ways you can become a hairstylist and achieve your license. I decided on 1400 hours of schooling then 1400 hours of apprenticing at a hair salon.  We are a trade so it’s much like becoming a welder, electrician, etc.  After I finished my schooling I was out to find a job and was so excited.  My first job was at a salon close to home that will remain nameless.  I only worked there for 2 and a half months and it was horrible.

It was a bigger salon with receptionists, and techs (people that help clean, sweep, fold towels, etc.) and about 10-15 stylists.  None of which were nice to me.  I stuck to myself trying to help the techs make rip foils for colours, fold towels but I was told that wasn’t my job.  I barely got booked clients because they went to the top hairstylists first, so I’d be booked last.  They would pile colour bowls on my station to clean for them and never helped me if I had a question.  I stood all day working on a mannequin practicing perming or roller sets or round brushing.

After being there 2 and a half months the owner called me and fired me.  I was devastated.  She told me I was a horrible stylist and needed to go back to school.  This was all I ever wanted to be how could I be so crappy at it?  I had worked so hard in school?  A week later my mom made me go hand out resumes.  I didn’t want to I was embarrassed at what happened, talk about a crushed dream!  Well what do you know, the same day I dropped off a resume I got a call from a salon also close to home and went in a few hours later for an interview.

Two very nice, friendly ladies interviewed me and I was relieved that at the time only 7 hairstylists worked there, 1 massage therapist and 2 estheticians that worked opposite of each other so it was nice and small.  They hired me that same day and I started the following week.  That was 13 years ago.  Every woman there helped me excel as an apprentice.  Told me I didn’t suck, that I was great for someone just fresh out of school.  They built up my confidence, helped shape the hairstylist I am today and for that I am truly grateful for the woman, past and present that I’ve worked with.

The Truth About What Hairstylist Do

Being a hairstylist is so much more than just cutting hair all day.  Like I said I’ve been at the same place for 13 years.  Some of my clients I see more than I see my own family.  I know about their lives, their children, what they do for work, and I have a lot of families as my clients so then you really get to know everyone.  Yes, we talk about their hair, what new cut they want to try, what colour they think they should do but some of the appointment is chit chat about life.  I’ve given a lot of girl advice to my male teenage boy clients who don’t understand teenage girls. I’ve been there to listen to them vent about their husbands or wives. A shoulder to cry on through a breakup, divorce, a death of a pet or family member. Sadly, I’ve have also had to shave a few heads for my female clients going through cancer which is hard on both of us.

Not all appointments are sad though most are happy talking about their travel plans, crazy animals or kids, and exciting things they may be doing in the future.  Just like any job, I have shitty days where maybe you had a crazy client or someone that was rude to you, but that doesn’t happen often.  I don’t get paid a lot, my hairstylist growing up was right in warning my parents, but I go to work every day and love what I do.  I never wake up in the morning saying, damn I don’t want to go to work today.  Not many people can say that.

My job is forever changing and that’s also exciting for me.  There’s always new trends to learn about, which if you have a good stylist they should always be up on their education.  At the salon I’m at we really push education, and it shines through all our talented stylists.  We will travel all over Canada to attend them, on our days off, out of our own pockets.  It’s 100% worth it and I personally always come back fired up and excited to tell and show my clients who are interested what I’ve learned to keep them trendy and looking awesome.  I mean they are my walking billboards and there’s nothing better than seeing one of your clients in public and thinking, wow their hair is on point!

Building and Growing

Now you can make money as a hairstylist for anyone that is curious.  Since we are a trade there’s many roads you can take.  You can teach at a school. Such as, high school teaching cosmetology or at any of the hair trade schools.  You can work for a company such as Redken, Bed Head, Sexy Hair, etc. being an educator.  Some people like being on stage as a platform artist teaching big classes all the new up and coming trends.

For me, I love being behind my chair.  It’s my happy place where I get to talk to people all day, make them look fabulous and have them leave feeling amazing.  Do I want to have my own salon?  I get asked that a lot.  Most definitely I do!  I’m only 32 I have a lot more to excel at in my career but I’m extremely proud of how far I’ve come so far.

Rachelle: Vest (old) – Similar Here and Here | T-Shirt Here
Courtney: Sweatshirt (not online) – Similar Here, Here and Here | Jeans Here

Special thank you to the Cutting Edge Hair Company for allowing us to use the salon. Please check them out if you are local to the Edmonton area.
Website: | Instagram: @cehaircompany | Facebook: The Cutting Edge Hair Company
Check out my last Career Conversations post here. | Check out my New Year’s Goals here.